Welcome to IVAO

We are pleased, that you would like to join our network as a virtual pilot and/or as a virtual air traffic controller. If you do not have already an IVAO account yet, you can find out how to register here:

However, please consider the following before you register:

Only a few of the pages of IVAO Germany are also available in English. Also, as an air traffic controller you must be able to handle flights under VFR conditions in German and in English.

If you speak little or no German, it probably makes more sense to choose a division where English is spoken when creating an account.

Newbieday and newbie evening – information events for new members

To make it easier for our new members to join our network, we regularly organize information events.

The classic is our traditional Newbieday, where IVAO Germany invites our newly acquired members once a month to the PiLot(s)en-Talk to introduce our network and get to know each other. Here also experienced IVAO users are available for question and answer sessions and are looking forward to help you!

In addition, we host short topic-specific newbie nights on topics that might be of interest to you as a new member.

You can find the dates of the next events on our German website.

The PiLot(s)en – Talk

Our common hobby is much more fun together than alone.

On the PiLot(s)en-Talk of IVAO Germany you can discuss with other virtual pilots and virtual ATC about the common hobby, ask questions and meet nice people.

You will also meet many members of the staff who will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. Some things can be clarified much faster and easier in a personal conversation than by email.

You can find our PiLot(s)en-Talk on our TeamSpeak3, as well as on our Discord server.

IVAO Germany on the Social Medias

You want to stay up to date and be one of the first to know what’s happening on our network? Then visit and subscribe to us on social media!

The IVAO Germany Forum

Besides social media, our IVAO Germany forum is the most important means of communication to keep you up to date with news on the network. But it’s not only the official side that posts here – as a user, the forum is also the platform to ask questions and pass on information (e.g. training dates).

The IVAO Germany website

You’ve already landed on our IVAO Germany website. There is a lot to discover here, for exampleour tour system – here you will find for example

and much more. It’s worth browsing!

So that things don’t go haywire

Not only in virtual airspace there are rules that pilots and air traffic controllers that they have to follow – we have also set rules for the interaction on IVAO to ensure that all our users can enjoy their common hobby.

We ask you to always keep a polite tone towards other users!

You can find the most important regulations in detail here::

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Your question is not listed? Then write to us via the contact form!

If you have forgotten your access data, you can request them again here:

You have received three important pieces of information with your registration:

  • Your VID. This is an automatically assigned number that uniquely identifies you on IVAO.
  • Your IVAN password (IVAN stands for IVAO Network). You will need this password when you connect to the network as a pilot, controller or observer.
  • A website password You need this to log in to the web content (e.g. the forum).

First, make sure you are using the correct password:

  • To log in to our website, you must use the website password.
  • You need the IVAN password to connect to the network with our pilot/controller software.

Logging in often fails because of misspelled letters in the password. Some characters look very similar – for example, the lower case L and the upper case i or the zero and the upper case o are often mistaken. If possible, copy and paste the passwords into the password field.

Still not working? Then request your access data again here:

ou cannot change your email address yourself on your profile at the moment.
If it has changed, please send us a message via our contact form: Contact form


In some circumstances you may be asked for your VID.
You must never give out your passwords, whether a staff member or another user asks for them. You should keep them as secret as all your other passwords.
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