Information about our Department

Who are we?

DE Special Operations Coordinator (DE-SOC)Luke Petritsch
DE Special Operations Assistant Coordinator (DE-SOAC)*** vacant ***
The German SO-Department is currently under reconstruction. Further information will be published shortly…

What are we doing?

The German Special Operations Department is responsible for “special operations” inside the German division.

This includes:

  • Responsible for all SO-specific activities inside the German division (military, police, air rescue)

  • Competent contac person for “special operations” inside the German division (via TeamSpeak, forum, E-Mail, contact form etc.)

  • Development of national (division-specific) procedures which deviate from international standards (HQ SO SOPS)

  • In the future: execution of division-specific trainings (“fine tuning” after receiving the military rank from HQ-SOD)

  • Organization of SO-Events

  • Creating SO-Tours

  • Responsible for all German Special Operation Groups (SOGs)

  • Maintaining the SO-part of the website

  • Cooperation with the HQ-Department

  • Coordination with other SO-Departments from other divisions (for trainings / events etc.)