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The German Division is participating in the GCA program (Guest Controller Approval) which is in accordance with R&R 5.1.7. Any user not bein a member of the DE Division who wants to control a FRA restricted position in Germany has to appy for a prior approval from the DE-TC, DE-TAC or DE-HQ


If you are a user registered in another division an you are willing to staff German ATC facilities, you shall meet all the following requirements.

  • At least, ADC – Aerodrome Controller rating
  • Be able to provide service both in German (using “AIP GEN 3.4: Communication Services” for german VFR traffic) and English (using standard European phraseology).
  • Knowledge of divisional an local ATC procedures, published in ATC and FIR webpages, respectively.
  • Demonstrate a good knowledge in airpsace structure an area of responsibility of the facility you want to control.
  • No division change from the German Division to another on in the last 12 months*
  • No GCA request in the last 6 months
  • Show a good behaviour according to IVAO Rules & Regulations and philosophy.
  • Hold a maximum of two other GCAs in different divisions.

As a general requirement all applicants must hold at least the equivalent rating for the position they are applying for. This ensures that you already have the required knowledge to offer a good service in our division. From the list below you can see which position you could be allowed to staff with your rating:


*Under some circumstances, TC/TAC or the division HQ may issue a GCA even if the requirements marked with a star (“*”) are not met.

GCA Request

You can apply for a GCA by sending an email to training-kontakt@ivao-de.net. Once the request has been recivied you will be contacted by an examinier of the German Training Department. If you fulfill all requirements listed above, a date will be established to perform a proficiency check in an ATC facility of your choice. This is not an exam, but just a normal control session where your general performance, skills and phraseology will be observed.

GCA Approval

After the proficiency check, the examinier will send you an email regarding your GCA approval.

  • If you are granted for the GCA, it will be shown in you profile.
  • If you are not granted for the GCA, the examiner may tell you the reason and you will be able to request it again after 6 months.

Keeping your GCA

Your GCA shall be revoked unless you meet the following requirements :

  • Control any German ATC facility for at least 30 hours every 6 months
  • Do not get a IVAO suspension while having the GCA
  • Make a good use of the GCA: do not violate IVAO Rules & Regulations, provide a quality service according to divisional and local procedures.

Nevertheless, TC/TAC or the Division HQ shall revoke you GCA anytime justifiably.